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Frequently asked questions

What is Careferral?

Careferral is a platform that connects patients with healthcare providers and vice-versa, making it easier for individuals to find the right care for their needs. By using Careferral, patients can browse through a variety of healthcare options, compare providers, and schedule appointments all in one place. Our innovative tools not only streamline the process of finding and accessing healthcare services, but also helps patients make informed decisions about their care. Additionally, Careferral aims to improve the overall patient experience by providing a user-friendly interface and personalised recommendations. With Careferral, patients can take control of their healthcare journey and connect with the providers that best fit their needs.

What should I chose Careferral?

Choice: We believe that you are the right person to choose your own carer. With Careferral, you have complete control over who you hire as your carer, so you can choose the best person for you.

Trust: We only allow carers onto the platform who have been vetted. You or your family get to choose and interview your own carer, check their qualifications, and speak to the carers' referees for extra security.

Speed: If you create a job ad on our site, you can hire a carer within hours. This is great for emergency care, or post-hospital care.

Quality: Careferral carers have on average 10 years of experience working in the care industry. You can clearly see their qualifications and experience on their profile. This means that when choosing a carer, you know you are in safe hands.

Cost: Careferral gives you real choice & control, gives you access to the best technology in the sector and allows clients to book consistent care from the same carer. Also, carers on the platform cost significantly less than those from an agency.

Support: Our technology takes care of all the admin associated with hiring a self-employed carer. This includes: carer insurance, service agreements and invoices, which can be easily approved by you. Also,the Careferral app can securely store your payment details so that paying your carer is quick and easy. If you ever have any questions or doubts, our client support team is here to answer your queries. Just drop a line to

Careferral should be your top choice because it offers a wide range of healthcare services, making it easy for you to find the right care for your specific needs. Whether you need to schedule a routine check-up, find a specialist, or seek urgent care, Careferral has you covered. With its user-friendly platform, you can easily search for healthcare providers, read reviews, and book appointments all in one place. Additionally, Careferral provides personalised recommendations based on your health history and preferences, ensuring that you receive the best care possible. Trust Careferral to connect you with top-rated healthcare professionals and streamline your healthcare journey.

How is Careferral different to a traditional agency?

Careferral is a hybrid platform (digital + face-face) for those seeking care and self-employed carers. We have harnessed technology to give you, as a client, complete choice and control over who your carer is.

Every carer on the platform has been interviewed and fully vetted by our recruitment team - they have had their DBS checked, have the right to work in the UK and any qualifications mentioned on their profile have been backed up with certificates.

Care agencies typically send in different carers on a daily basis. With Careferral, you have complete control and the opportunity for consistent and trusted carers of your choice.

What do clients think of Careferral?

In our most recent reviews, clients told us the 7 best things about finding a carer with Carefree included:

- Speed and efficiency

- The high-quality experienced carers

- The ability to interview carers

- The Careferral app and platform

- Choice and flexibility of care

- Client support services

- Low, fair prices

Can I get benefits to pay for care?

Yes, the three main government benefits designed to help people pay for care are the Attendance Allowance (for people over state pension age), the Personal Independence Payment (for adults with disabilities) and the Disability Living Allowance (for children with disabilities).

However, there are many other benefits that you can potentially claim to help pay for your care.

You can read more about carer and disability benefits on the government website here.

Is Home Care better than Care Homes?

Homecare can provide a better quality of life as it allows someone to stay in the comfort and familiarity of their own home, surrounded by neighbours, friends and pets. Homecare is also the most flexible care option and is typically more cost effective than care homes.

Homecare also makes it easier to see family members, especially during difficult times such as the coronavirus pandemic.

A care home can be a good option on the occasion that someone is unable to or does not want to stay at home.

Personal Assistants - What is a Personal Assistant?

A personal assistant is a term used for someone who is not a carer in the traditional sense of the word. They often help adults, young adults and children who have disabilities with day-to-day tasks.

Here are some of the tasks a PA can help with:

· Cooking, cleaning and keeping a tidy home

· Admin, budgeting and paperwork

· Social skills, communication and maintaining relationships with family and friends

· Companionship, interests and hobbies

· Study skills, finding work and maintaining accommodation

· Prompting someone to take their medication

· Giving peace of mind to a client and their family

· Specialist care and support with treatments

There are many self-employed personal assistants using the Careferral platform all over the UK. You can filter the results in your carer search to find the perfect personal assistant for you.

This way, you can choose who you want your personal assistant to be. You can make sure that a person’s skills, experience and personality suit your needs and values.

What do I do if my carer is sick or wants go on holiday?

All of the carers on our platform are encouraged to work in a micro-team with other carers. Each carer’s team is formed of other carers that they trust and believe will maintain the same high standards of care that they currently deliver to you.

When you first start receiving care with a Careferral carer, your carer will inform you as to who is in their micro-team. You will be able check their profiles and select them as/when you need cover.

If you do not believe your carer’s micro-team is suitable, you can of course select another carer from the platform instead.

How do I pay the replacement carer from my carer's micro-team?

Your replacement carer will simply send you a service agreement and shift invoice via the Careferral platform whilst your regular carer is away.

Your main carer will have to amend their invoice to ensure you do not pay twice.

You then approve the service agreement and shift agreement as usual and pay through the platform.

I have a personal care budget. I am currently using an Individual Service Fund support provider.

We categorically believe that you should. Although support providers charge less than agencies, they still charge around 20/25% of your personal budget. In comparison, we do not charge personal care budget holders a client booking fee.

Careferral carers are fully insured and self-employed so there is no employer liability or additional costs (including no Employers’ National Insurance). You are not bound by any contract and you only pay for the care that you receive.

Your personal budget expenditure is available at the touch of a button if required by your Local Authority.